Lumina Films is an award-winning media company dedicated to helping agencies like yours create engaging film and video content for your clients.  From high-budget national broadcast commercials to low-budget B2B info graphics, Lumina Films is a soup-to-nuts, one-stop-shopping production & post-production facility based in NYC serving the Tri-State Area (and beyond) for over fifteen years.  We will work side by side with your creative and account teams to create the compelling content your clients want and need.

While our work has covered nearly every category from Fashion to food, Automobiles to Financial Services, Energy Companies, Government Agencies, Hospitals and small Mom & Pop shops, our specialty and focus is in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

We hope you have a chance to look at some of our work (below) and would love to discuss any projects we might collaborate on together.

For more about us and our work please visit our ABOUT page where you will see who some of our clients are, awards we've won, and links to even more of our work.  

And never hesitate to call.  (212) 868-3840.  We'd love to hear from you.


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